Our Dream
Our Dream was to build a company that can provide an online gift basket  business without the hassels.   A company that has a purpose and will to continue to inspire and create the financial freedom that all families deserve.

Our Purpose
The purpose of LaBellaGifts is to further develop the "people helping people" concept by bringing a new and exciting business opportunity to you. We are here to connect  people from all over the country that are looking for a profitable, fun and rewarding business without the hassles or the large investments.

Our Trend
We believe the trend for people to leave corporate America for more flexible work environment will continue to rise. Technology and a stronger desire from highly-skilled and educated people to spend more time with their young children will continue to drive this trend up. Businesses and individuals looking for part-time and temporary help will find the most talented people working from their professional home offices.

It is the new way to do business. Our Consultants represent a wide variety of people from all walks of life. There are many "spheres" which when put together make a collaborative dynamic fit.

Our Mission
LaBellaBaskets Believes in the Power of Giving.
Every time you or the customer buy from LaBellaBaskets we are directly involving in helping single moms that are struggling.   We will be making a vital difference in the lives of  single moms who need our help.

Our Vision
Is to continue to inspire and help people achieve whatever their hearts desire; to empower the people the opportunity to create an income from home and enriching their lives "one family at at time - one gift - at a time"

About Us