1. We provide you with a beautiful website with hundreds of gourmet and specialty gift baskets.
These gifts are loaded onto your La Bella Baskets giftstore with your own shopping cart.  No need to figure out  all the details.  Within minutes you can start taking orders. 

2Customers visit your La Bella Baskets store.
They can shop for affordable, beautiful gifts and place  their orders on your personalized web-store.  No more running around trying to find out what to buy for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.

3. We ship to  your customer within 24-48 hours.
We work behind the scenes in the warehouse taking the shipping, assembly of gifts and other burdens off your shoulders. We also make sure all packages are professionally prepared. 
You DO NOT have to stock any inventory
You DO NOT have to buy any products
You DO NOT have to deal with shipping
You DO NOT have to collect money

4.  You  generate a nice income!  See income potential.
That's it! Pretty simple! 

You Enjoy...

A Proven Shipping Department That Works Hard to Benefit You
• It’s a paperless, effortless, hassle-free way to add
revenue and repeat business.

• Offer quality gourmet and specialty gift baskets –
fresh, creative, appealing.

• We do ALL the production, warehousing and shipping

• You handle the sales and marketing.

• You take in orders; our warehouse fulfills them.
• No need to add space, inventory or staff.

Who orders gift baskets?

Everyone!  Individuals, corporations, hospitals, car dealerships, funeral homes, realtors, stores and other business enterprises. In this age of politically-correct gift-giving, gift baskets are sought after and desirable for any person wishing to give a memorable gift to someone special, a client or absolutely anyone who loves to receive a gift of food, bath products, baby items or any other theme you can think to give. We never have difficulty finding clients to buy our gift baskets-after all who doesn't want to deal with a company that can ship or deliver the perfect gift?

Walk through a hotel lobby or office building and you will see gift baskets.  One single corporate account can generate you hundreds, even thousands in repeat business.

Giving a gift in a basket or in a useful container can set it apart as a special and thoughtful present.  Whether you work full-time or part-time, the potential for finding clients for a gift basket business is unlimited and we will teach you how to to become a gift basket expert.    People (even local businesses)  purchase gifts for their friends , their employees and loved ones for so many reasons throughout the year... birthdays, anniversaries,  gift baskets for new babies, for times of sorrow, promotions, Christmas, Graduation, New home, get well and special events throughout the year.

Why is the gift basket business so successful?
This billion dollar industry is hugely successful because people recognize the importance of giving gifts that will please anyone, no matter the relationship or how well the sender knows the recipient. In today’s society, gift baskets are also becoming more and more popular because they are “politically correct.” For example, giving flowers to an employee or a plant to an office staff member may seem inappropriate or even rather bland, but a basket of snacks and gourmet treats will make the sender a hero the recipients will always remember.

We have asked our clients why they prefer to give gift baskets over other gifts and they tell us that they love our baskets.   We design, package, include a gift card and ship the basket. We take care of everything. 

Clients have told us that shopping at the mall and visiting store after store looking for a gift is a frustrating task using valuable time and energy when they'd rather be home with their family.  Once you show your ability to be a gift basket expert (and we'll teach you everything you need to know!), then you'll have a loyal following of more referrals!

One Step Is All It Takes!

a) We’ll set up your website  and email you  Access Login ID and Password to our training website.

b) You’ll receive an 800# to our one-on-one training with our experts.

c) You’ll receive our Gift Basket Welcome Email and login.

d) We’ll stand behind your new gift basket business 100%.

We Make the Baskets; You Make the Income.
That’s it!

So What Are You Waiting for? 

View Profit Chart

Join A Growing Industry That Offers Amazing Results - It's Fun, Easy and highly profitable!
Discover the joy of giving
Imagine not having to pay full price on your gifting needs!
discover the  joy of giving

We Make the Baskets ....You Earn the Income.
Even if you have never been involved in a gifting business before, you will find the training provided to be easy to understand and simple to follow.  All the work has been done for you. You just access the tools and go for it!  Everything has been prepared for you.  All you do is follow our simple marketing guidelines for creating a profitable gift basket business.   
Marketing Guidance and Expert tools and techniques.

Free Personal Mentor
Our Experts Will Support You to Ensure Your Gift Basket Business Succeeds.  Whether by phone or by email, your support continues 7 days-a-week.   We help you decide on the right marketing method or methods for you, help you set personal goals, and get you started generating customers and repeat customers.

• Free Internet Lessons
We offer training and advice in basic internet marketing strategies.  Then, once you are ready, you can take our free Internet Marketing Lessons and grow your business to  new levels.     You  will find weekly tips and tricks highlighted in our Internet Lessons Program on how you can market your  gift business via the internet.

The beauty of internet marketing is that there is no face-to-face interaction and you can do it from your home day or night---even in your bathrobe and slippers. Anyone can become an expert, even you!

• Downloadable Marketing Material
We also provide you with  beautiful  email templates, flyers and brochures.  We have all the marketing material you need to advertise online and offline.   Find clients easily in your area when you send out  beautifully printed material and holiday specials that keep your clients coming back. 

• Up to Date Information
A monthly newsletter and a  training site will keep you informed.

• Downloadable 20 Page Full Color Product Catalogs

.  Website with Hundreds of baskets and gifts

• Place, track and confirm delivery of orders online.

• Ensure the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

How Does Our Program Work?

istock photo

istock photo
With La Bella Baskets you will receive training to become a professional gift basket consultant. 

Not only will you be able to help people save money and time on their gifts,   you will save 20% on your gifting needs!  Imagine never paying full price for gift baskets sent to friends and family again!!

The gift business is an industry with tremendous "fun" potential.   You get to help people pick affordable gifts for their loved ones and  provide a gift that delivers infinite pleasure to the recipient. Both givers and receivers of the gift appreciate the gift.
Bi-weekly payout checks
Flexible Hours
Enjoy 20% discounts on your gifting needs
Referral Bonuses and Gift Baskets Contests
Free Prescription Card (entire household)
Free Pet Prescription Card
20% commission on new orders and repeat customer's orders