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La Bella Baskets Believes in the Power of Giving.
When you buy gifts from  La Bella Baskets  you are directly contributing to our Basket of Smiles Program. 
La Bella Baskets believes in the power of giving with our Basket of Smiles Program - Single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life. Our program helps single moms every month depending on their situation and delivers them a Basket of Hope. We are grateful for your support to make this program possible.

Gifts That Create Smiles, Lasting Memories And Admiration

Thank you for inquiring more information about our Gift Basket and Flower Business and working from home.
Please review the information below and any questions please do not hesitate to email me or call me right away.

La Bella Baskets (LBB) is a new and creative online gift basket and flower business that educates, trains and empowers everyone to start their own online gift basket and flower business from home.

"Let's face it, many people today want to work from home and create an income. However, when they look into a traditional business they soon discover that starting one is very time consuming and requires a large investment. They have to pay for websites, merchant accounts and inventory".

La Bella Baskets welcomes all to be part of this amazing business opportunity and as we all build and work together, we are all also contributing to such a great cause.

La Bella Baskets believes in the power of giving with our Basket of Smiles Program - Single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life.
Our program helps single moms every month depending on their situation and delivers them a Basket of Smiles.

So now with La Bella Baskets we have made it possible for everyone including single moms to be able to own their own online gift basket and flower business.

You can now have the freedom to market your own online gift baskets and flower business in minutes, without the hassles and large investments of starting a traditional brick and mortar style of business.

So This is How Our Program Works!

You will receive:

*  A simple, unique and refreshing work at home business concept that stands out from the rest.

*  A fully designed La Bella Baskets online store with well over 300 Gourmet gifting item and flowers.
  Your store is fully operational and ready for business within minutes.
*  A marketing website to help you market your La Bella Basket Store and to share the vision of La Bella Baskets simple concept!
*  Unlimited training and one on one mentoring

*  Online Training Center - this is your How To - Steps and Ideas to help your business grow!

*  Free marketing material that you can use to promote your business.

*  Team meeting via conference call every Tuesday night at (9 pm Eastern), if you cannot make the calls they are all recorded.

*  A forum that you can communicate and get acquainted with all La Bella Baskets Consultants onboard.

*  A discount La Bella Basket Store just for our La Bella Baskets Gifts Consultants for an instant 20% discount on all personal purchases.

*  A Free discounted Prescription Card and Pet Prescription Card for instant savings up to 55%.

*  Commissions, Incentives, Referral Reward Program, Bi - Weekly Pay and over all a simple business concept with no demands and with great potential to earn a income from home!

*  No Collecting of Money, No Inventory To Buy, No Delivering of Gifts, No Sales Quotas,  Parties (Optional).

Now there are 3 ways to generate an income with La Bella Baskets

Income # 1

You, as a LBB gift consultant, will be an independent worker. You can work the business from any location in the country. You work your own hours and work for  yourself but you will never be by yourself,
and you will receive your own La Bella Baskets website with all the unlimited training, support and marketing material you will need.  (flyers, email templates, banners, button ads, text ads, brochures
and much more). You then help people with their gifting needs and get paid 20-35% on every item that is sold from our store and even from your repeat customers.  Which  adds up nicely over time .
Get enough repeat business and that can create a nice stream of residual income. Leadership Positions, Bonuses, Incentives and Referral Bonuses are also available.

You also earn 20% on your own personal orders.  For example, every time our La Bella Baskets gifts consultants need to order flowers, gift baskets etc they earn 20% commission
on every order they placed.

Income # 2

You can also help many people join our business.  Many of the consultants do this part time and work on building a large referral base so they can earn a full-time income from home.

Sharing our vision to everyone is very rewarding! So you are paid a one time referral reward of $15.00 for each consultant that you referred to us and that has signed up on your site.

( I tell all the reps you just get 1 referral a day and that will add up to $450 a month or do 2 a day and that will be $900 a month and the best part you can refer as many as you want and if you add that with your store sales as well it can be very profitable! So many of the consultants do both income potentials but this is totally optional, so you decide! We do offer 200 free post card  leads a month to our consultants and that is really helping them grow their referral business as well.

We enjoy helping all the La Bella Baskets Gift Consultants on board and since our business is not difficult and with no great demands, we have have made it easier for all the gift consultants to really focus
on building their business and allowing us to do the rest. That is why we kept it very simple and very affordable.

Income # 3

Marketing La Bella Baskets to Corporations / Businesses!

Many corporations and businesses use gift baskets and flowers to build their relationships with their customers and
to recognize their hard working employees. We also understand that with this economy many companies want to stand  out from the rest and to show their appreciation they will send all their customers gifts.
So what a better way to help them by offering them a great value, a huge discount for every order they place!

Here is just a few of business/corporations that would love this program:

* Realtors
* Hotel/Resorts
* Attorneys
* Accounting Firms
* Insurance Companies
* Any business that has clients they serve

How we generate an income:

The company pays you on the 3rd and 18th of each month. You are paid on the government 1099 form, which makes you an independent contractor.  You are eligible for all home business tax deductions.

We are a very unique company.

We don't ask you to...
*  Buy kits
*  Buy products
*  Deliver products
*  Do parties
*  Maintain quotas
*  Sign Contracts

We do offer..
*  Ongoing Support
*  Leadership Position
*  Bonuses
*  Incentives

This is your business and you own it.   You are the boss and the CEO of your comany.  You work when you want to to work and you can build  a large gifting business that belongs to you and your family.


You can either call me at 1-888-600-5782 or email me at:  labellabasketsangela@gmail.com

Any questions please email me or call me anytime!
Yours to count on always

Angela Sambrook

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Angela Sambrook